1. Analysis of influence surfaces of thin plates by boundary element method
Zulkiflee Dema, Boonme Chinnaboon, Somchai Chucheepsakul

2. Behaviors of adsorption of lead on biomass ash
Noppdol Sangiamsak, Pitchaya Srisane, Fonthip Naepsanit

3. Numerical investigation of axial strength development in metal sheet confined concrete
Tanyada Pannachet, Maetee Boonpichetvong

4. Study of soil cement column to improve stability of sheet pile wall using physical model
Thanadol Kongsomboon, Santi Kawinwongpaibool, Phachara Wannarat, Pisit Limsupawanich, Anupong Sootlake

5. The problems of design contract and supervision contract in the government construction projects
Sathaphorn Khuranun, Phatsaphan Charnwasununth, Surapong Liwthaisong

6. Spreading behavior of warm water in the chao phraya river influenced by tides
Chaiyuth Chinnarasri

7. Development of interlocking block blended with biomass ash for using as a insulating material
Kittichat Paopongpaiboon, Kornkanok Boonserm, Veera Horsakulthai, Prinya Chindaprasirt

8. Bond behavior between concrete and cfrp plates
Chanachai Thongchom, Akhrawat Lenwari

9. Selection of welding consumables for welding dissimilar aisi304/ aisi1015 steels butt joint
Kittipong Kimapong, Surat Triwanapong

10. Improving the production capacity of electronic components by increasing speed of machine production
Tapanon Onwanvorakit, Sirorat Pattanapairoj