1. Properties of self-compacting concrete mixed with calcium carbonate powder and fly ash
Pongsakon Promsawat, Burachat Chatveera, Gritsada Sua-iam

2. Adsorption efficiency of heavy metals on various clays from batch test
Keatniyom Teerawattanaprapha, Pongsakorn Punrattanasin, Sirorat Pattanapairoj, Thanadol Kongsomboon

3. Adsorption of heavy matels on bentonite clay mixed with cement and pozzolanic materials
Natta Orprasert, Pongsakorn Punrattanasin, Sirorat Pattanapairoj, Thanadol Kongsomboon

4. Effect of initial concentration of heavy metals and temperature on the adsorption capacity of bentonire clay mixed with portland cement
Anunt Sirisombunphatthana, Pongsakorn Punrattanasin, Chinawat Muktabhant, Ratamanee Nuntasarn,Dolldee Homdee, Thanadol Kongsomboon

5. Behavior of adsorption and desorption of heavy metals on bentonite clay mixed with cement and pozzolanic materials by column leaching test
Pittaya Satiman, Pongsakorn Punrattanasin, Sirorat Pattanapairoj, Thanadol Kongsomboon

6. Increasing potential to adsorb heavy metals in the khon kaen loess by adding bentonite
Yuttapong Chaipanha, Pongsakorn Punrattanasin, Sirorat Pattanapairoj

7. Predictable construction time s equations of diaphragm wall drilled by cable mechanical hang grab: a case study of mrt orange line at rajamangala station
Salisa Chaiyaput, Nakib Arwaedo

8. Potential uses of cement-mixed sugar cane bagasse ash in substitution materials for road construction works
Thaweesak Pitikhunpongsuk, Sunit Prawerathang

9. Validation of wall functions for two-equation turbulence models of openfoam
Kittipos Loksupapaiboon, Chakrit Suvanjumrat

10. Design a prototype of male dummy chest for motorcycle crash test
Manus Dangchat, Singkaew Pokterng, Prokorb Chartpuk

11. Cost estimate of repairingrefurbish equipment using multiple regression model
Jutathip Leelathanapipat, Piyaphon Paichit

12. Solving of ethanol plant location selection and raw material routing problem in northeastern
Chalermchat Theeraviriya,Jeerasak Suttikorn,Jutarat Pongsuwan,Suchada Chaiyaporm,Sunisa Wongpimon

13. Vehicle routing of employees’ shuttle bus by using the traveling salesman problem: a case study of electronic components production company for car and motorcycle
Prapapan Ketsarapong, Yodsathon Thanabodee

14. The performance of air-cooled heat exchangers in the condensate residue production of petrochemical plants
Jittra Rukijkanpanich, Nitipong Changlor

15. Comparison of alloying elements between nam phi iron ore and iron ore of in uttardit province
Adul Phuk-in