1. Effect of organochlorines on human endocrine system
Ratana Sapbamrer

2. Relationship of the quantity of blood lead levels and the knowledge, work practice and attitude of workers in a recycling battery factory in nakhonsawan province
Santi Keadthongthawee and Piyalamporn Havanond

3. Potential of end of life vehicles directive implementation in thai automotive industry
Sayam Aroonsrimorakot and Sirirat Akaraj

4. Potential of recycle waste bank project for community waste reduction- a case study of sub-sin pattana community, bang khun thien, bangkok
Sayam Aroonsrimorakot and Piyaruk Pradabphetrat

5. An efficiency test on wave energy reduction of piled breakwaters using physical model
Ar-sawin Intasupa, Winai Ouypornprasert, Payom Ratanamanee,Tanawat Jarupongsakul and Pramot Sojisuporn

6. Distribution of heavy metals in mangrove sediment at the tha chin estuary, samut sakhon province, thailand
Supaporn Buajan and Nathsuda Pumijumnong