1. Removal of lead by using na-a zeolite synthesized from spent silica - alumina
Pimonpan Uttapan, Petchporn Chawakitchareon and Dawan Wiwattanadate

2. Utilization of silica waste to replace silica fume for mixed mortar
Petchporn Chawakitchareon and Natthapol Sresthaolarn

3. Carbon footprint of an academic organization- a case study of the department of environmental engineering, chulalongkorn university
Boonjira Janangkakan, Orathai Chavalparit and Premrudee Kanchanapiya

4. Phytoplankton community in cage culture farm areas in the andaman coast of thailand
Suwat Tanyaros and David Crookall

5. Environmental performance of marble tile life cycle
Nachawit Tikul