1. Indoor air pollution - volatile organic compounds in non - industrial microenvironments in thailand
Maneerat Ongwandee

2. Accumulation of heavy metals in mangrove sediments of chumphon province, thailand
Nathsuda Pumijumnong and Bussarin Uppadit

3. Effects of solution ph and ionic streangth for removal of combined natural organic matter and copper (ii) ion by membrane nanofiltration
Pakasit Hongthong, Supatpong Mattaraj, Chalor Jarusutthirak and Ratana Jiraratananon

4. Factors affecting energy consumption for traveling of households in bangkok metropolitan area
Pattana Sirichotpundit, Chamlong Poboon, Duchduen Bhanthumnavin and Wisakha Phoochinda

5. Interposition of alien structure in aesthetic value of ayuthaya historical and archaeological ruin
Bundit Pradabsook, Kasem Chunkao and Surat Bualert

6. Assessment of surface water quality parameters and their variations for effective river monitering system - a case study of u-tapao river basin
Saroj Gyawali, Kuaanan Techato, Chumpol Yuangyai and Sathaporn Monprapussorn