1. Biosorption of heavy metal by thermotolerant polymer-producing bacterial cells and the bioflocculant
Saithong Kaewchai and Poonsuk Prasertsan

2. Blood cell characteristic, hematological and serum biochemistry values of painted stork (mycteria leucocephala)
Worapol Aengwanich, Alongkoad Tanomtong, Rattapant Pattanarungson, and Suchint Simaraks

3. Boundedness and continuity of superposition operator on er(p) and fr(p)
Assa-aree Sama-ae

4. Breast cancer susceptibility gene1 (brca1)
Siriwat Wasiksiri and Adisorn Ratanaphan

5. Characterisation of hydroxypropylated crosslinked sago starch as compared to commercial modified starches
Saowakon Wattanachant, Sharifah Kharidah Syed Muhammad, Dzulkify Mat Hashim, and Russly Abd Rahman

6. Coal biodesulfurization processes
Pakamas Prayuenyong

7. Effect of leucaena row spacing and cutting height on yield and chemical compositions of three associated grasses intercropped with leucaena
Sayan Tudsri and Cheunjit Kaewkunya

8. Effects of fat-soluble vitamins on the growth performance, feed efficiency and histological changes of green catfish (mystus nemurus cuv. & val.)
Wuttiporn Phromkunthong, Yuttapong Jitphatthanakul, Kidchakan Supamattaya, and Dusit Nakachart

9. Endangered birdwing butterflies (troides spp.) and their rehabilitation opportunities
Surakrai Permkam

10. Hyperthermostable cellulolytic and hemicellulolytic enzymes and their biotechnological applications
Tipparat Hongpattarakere

11. Improvement of baby corn yield by using green manure
Prasit Chutichudet

12. Larval parasitoids of agromyzid leaf miner genus liriomyza in the southern thailand species and their host plants
Jiraporn Petcharat, Zeng Ling, Zhang Weiqiu, Xu Zaifu, and Wu Quisong

13. Plant regeneration from petiole and leaf of african violet (saintpaulia ionantha wendl.) cultured in vitro
Wichada Sunpui and Kamnoon Kanchanapoom

14. Propagation of gnetum by tissue culture technique
Sompong Te-chato, and Panupong Nuchum

15. Screening and application of thermotolerant microorganisms and their flocculant for treatment of palm oil mill effluent
Saithong Kaewchai and Poonsuk Prasertsan

16. Seroepidemiological survey on japanese encephalitis virus in swine raising on the southern border of thailand
Chongmas Antarasena, Porntip Prommuang, Praison Prommuang, and Naruepol Phromkuntod

17. Suitability of sago starch as a base for dual-modification
Saowakon Wattanachant, Sharifah Kharidah Syed Muhammad , Dzulkify Mat Hashim, and Russly Abd Rahman