1. Application of the genetic algorithm to design path direction for automated guided vehicle
Wanida Rattanamanee

2. Campylobacter jejuni an emerging pathogen
Nathanon Trachoo

3. Characterization of waxy microsatellite classes that are closely linked to the rice waxy gene
Preecha Prathepha

4. Cure and physical properties of natural rubber and epoxidized natural rubber compounds
Charoen Nakason, Watcharin Sainumsai, Azizon Kaesaman, and Pairote Klinpituksa

5. Determining the water use of rambutan and longkong during phenological development
Sayan Sdoodee, Naree Wongwongaree, and Vichanee Ormzubsin

6. Effects of silica, calcium carbonate, and sio2 caco3 blends on some properties of cellular nr
Somjate Patcharaphun, Veerades Pinsanor, Siripong Junpoonsup, and

7. Establishment of a cell line from kidney of seabass, lates calcarifer (bloch)
Rewat Khongpradit, Kidchakarn Supamattaya, Jiraporn Kasornchandra, and Wutiporn Phromkunthong

8. Experimental investigation on rectangular reinforced concrete beam subjected to bi-axial shear
Taweep Chaisomphob, Suapphong Kritsanawonghong and Chayanon Hansapinyo

9. Improvement of rvnrl film properties by adding fumed silica and hydroxy apatite
Adul Thiangchanya, Chayagrit Siri-upathum, Nutchanart Na-ranong and Manit Sonsuk

10. Preliminary survey of ants at tarutao national park, southern thailand
Suparoek Watanasit, Saowapa Sonthichai, and Nawee Noon-anant

11. Sample preparation and varistor physical properties measurement of zno+0.01sb2o3
Thongchai Panmatarith, Wae-yae Casol, and Noppamas Juggaroen

12. Sample preparation, physical properties measurement and application of mno+0.4cuo thermistor
Thongchai Panmatarith, Pairintr Bunnoy, Noppamas Juggaroen, Pikul Ratphonsan, Sirirat Rugwech, Varaporn Anuntapornpanich, Patchara Punjamathum, Apissamai Eirseewattanakul, and Pongchatr Niumtrong

13. The application of ecl reaction of ru(bpy)3 2
Pongsathorn Amornpitoksuk

14. The preliminary study on some natural plant communities of the sandbars along eastern coast
Kitichate Sridith and Chukiat Laongpol

15. Use of stevia (stevia rebaudiana bertoni) in suckling and weaned pig diets
Yuthana Siriwathananukul, Somporn Ruengrum, Arunporn Itharat, Suparoek Watanasit