1. Bioassay-guided isolation of the antioxidant constituent from cassia alata l. leaves
Pharkphoom Panichayupakaranant, and Songsri Kaewsuwan

2. Biofilm removal technique using sands as a research tool for accessing microbial
attachment on surface , Nathanon Trachoo

3. Effects of ruminally undegradable protein levels on nitrogen and phosphorus balance and their excretion in saanen goats fed oil palm fronds
Pramote Paengkoum, Liang, J.B., Jelan, Z.A. and Basery, M.

4. Land use changes in pak phanang basin using satellite images and geographic
Chao Yongchalermchai, Suchada Yongsatisak, Anun Khampeera, and Danupon Tannayopas..

5. Pathogenesis and virulence of vibrio harveyi from southern part of thailand in black tiger shrimp, penaeus monodon fabricius
Jareeporn Ruangsri, Mitree Wannades, Sunee Wanlem, Anida Songnui, Supatra Arunrat, Nopparat Tanmark, Jiraporn Pecharat, and Kidchakan Supamattaya

6. Physiological effects in aromatherapy
Tapanee Hongratanaworakit

7. Quantum entangle photon and applications in communication and measurement
Suebtarkul Suchat, Preecha P. Yupapin, and Surasak Chiangga

8. Sanitation conditions of clean food good taste restaurants in hat yai city municipality
Anchana Sopon, Duangporn Kantachote, and Narong Na Chiangmai

9. Simulation of ice formation by the finite volume method
Rotchana Prapainop and Kuntinee Maneeratana

10. The effects of cultural practice methods on fruit orchard rehabilitation after flooding crisis in songkhla province
Sayan Sdoodee, Supanee Chanaweerawan, and Pornpimol Puangkeaw

11. The use of mustard meal as a protein source in broiler diets
Suchon Tangtaweewipat, Boonlom Cheva-Isarakul, and Piched Sangsrijun

12. Transformation of indica rice (oryza sativa l.) cv. rd6 mediated by
Thodsaporn Pipatpanukul, Sumontip Bunnag, Piyada Theerakulpisut and Manit Kosittrakul