1. An assessment of phosphorus soil tests for some tropical acid soils in southern thailand
Wanna Leowarin, Somsak Maneepong and Chairatana Nilnond

2. Ants at ton nga chang wildlife sanctuary, songkhla
Suparoek Watanasit and Nawee Noon-anant

3. Bamboo-shoot fruit flies (diptera tephritidae) of southern thailand
Surakrai Permkam

4. Cardiovascular effects of tacca integrifolia ker-gawl. extract in rats
Nongyao Kitjaroennirut, Chaweewan Jansakul and Prakart Sawangchote

5. Combining ability analysis and phenotypic correlation of nodule parameters
Sanun Jogloy, Wilawan Tula and Thawan Kesmala

6. Compacted sand-bentonite mixtures for hydraulic containment liners
Tanit Chalermyanont and Surapon Arrykul

7. Conceptual frame design by heuristicly refined multiobjective random search
Apichart Suppapitnarm

8. Design factors for linear ball valve theoretical and experimental studies
Thananchai Leephakpreeda

9. Development of a single cell spherical shell model for an investigation of electrical properties with a computing program
Sorawuth Bunthawin and Maneerat Boonlamp

10. Effect of recycling on properties of rice husk-filled-polypropylene
Jutarat Prachayawarakorn and Niracha Yaembunying

11. Hydrophobicity and aggregation of campylobacter jejuni escherichia coli 0157 h7
Listeria monocytogenes - Nathanon Trachoo and Kanchana Chumpamee

12. Lipid entrapment property of polysaccharide gel (pg) extracted from fruit-hulls
Chutima Tippayakul, Sunanta Pongsamart and Maneewan Suksomtip

13. Microbiology of traditional fermented soybean curd (sufu)
Prasert Suntinanalert, Chacliya Chalad, Siriporn Phumathon, Suwannee Sangkaew and Ampaithip Sukhoom

14. Nonlinear planar coupler waveguides system in the medium kerr optics
H. Harsoyono

15. Study on levels of kluai hin banana (musa sapientum) peel meal in japanese quail ration 2. laying period
Pin Chanjula, Charnwit Benjama and Sutha Watanasit

16. Surrogate parameters for rapid monitoring of contaminant removal for activated sludge trement plants for para rubber and seafood infustries in southern thailand
Panalee Chevakidagarn

17. The mechanism and properties of acid-coagulated milk gels
Chanokphat Phadungath

18. The molecular weight (mw) and molecular weight distribution (mwd) of nr from different age and clone hevea trees
Saovanee Kovuttikulrangsie and Jitladda T. Sakdapipanich

19. Tidal circulation in andaman sea
Somboon Pornpinatepong

20. Xylanase production by a local fungal isolate, aspergillus niger usm ai 1 via solid state
Pang Pei Kheng and Ibrahim Che Omar