1. A method to analyze effects of surface variational model on positional geometric variability
Supapan Sangnui Chaiprapat and Somkiet Rujikietgumjorn

2. Concentration of ra-226 in shallow well water and its relation with the evidence of oral and esophagus cancers in namom district, songkhla province
Jarae Wutthisasna, Thawat Chittrakarn, Darunee Bhongsuwan and Tripop Bhongsuwan

3. Effect of different artificial diets on the biology of adult green lacewing (chrysoperla carnea stephens.)
Muhammad Misbah Ulhaq, Abdus Sattar, Zahoor Salihah, Abid Farid, Amjad Usman

4. Effect of methionine levels on production performance, triglyceride and non-esterified fatty acid in laying hens
Kanokkarn Poosuwan, Chaiyaphome Bunchasak, Kanchana Markvichitr and Rattana Nukraew

5. Effect of photoperiod on growth and hydrocarbon content of botryococcus braunii cultured in effluent from seafood processing plant
Puangpaka Dumrattana and Pimpan Tansakul

6. Effect of synchronizing the rate of degradation of dietary energy and nitrogen release on growth erformance in brahman cattle
Songsak Chumpawadee, Kritapon Sommart, Thevin Vongpralub and Virote Pattarajinda

7. Effects of naphthalene on dna and rna quantity in amoeba proteus by using confocal laser scanning microscope
Jiraporn Khwanmuni and Reungchai Tansakul

8. Effects of relaxants before embedding nucleus for the survival rate and pearl qualities in pinctada fucata
Kanika Kanjanachatree, Kanoktorn Piyathamrongrut and Kaewteen

9. Essential oil of the flowers of azadirachta indica (meliaceae)
Chantana Aromdee and Nongluksna Sriubolmas

10. Formulation development of sunscreen lotion containing jackfruit starch and the lotion acceptance evaluation in volunteers
Watcharee Khunkitti, Chantana Aromdee, Suwanna Vorarat and Padungkwan Chitropas

11. Load flow solution with induction motor
Pichai Aree

12. Preparation of cellulose from corncobs i study on cellulose extraction
Jutharat Pongnoree and Teeraporn Kongbangkerd

13. Resultant geometric variation of a fixtured workpiece part i a simulation
Supapan Sangnui Chaiprapat and Somkiet Rujikietgumjorn

14. Shoot multiplication and rooting of philodendron xanadu cultured in vitro
Yaowapa Jirakiattikul and Panadda Limpradithtanont

15. The effects of habitat fragmentation on extinction risk mechanisms and synthesis
Tormod V. Burkey and David H. Reed

16. The phylogeny of thai boesenbergia (zingiberaceae) based on peta-psbj spacer (chloroplast dna)
Chatchai Ngamriabsakul and Jiranan Techaprasan

17. The potential of jack fruit starch for use as suspending agent and emulsifying agent
Watcharee Khunkitti, Chantana Aromdee, Suwanna Vorarat and Padungkwan Chitropas

18. The repellency and anti-oviposition effects of thiem-seed oil and thiem-seed crude extract on melon fly (bactrocera cucurbitae coq., diptera tephritidae)
Suntorn Pipithsangchan, Sanan Subhadhirasakul, Sujirat Sritangnanta, and Aran Ngampongsai

19. Use of the p-sine1-r2 in inferring evolutionary relationships of thai rice varieties with aa genome
Preecha Prathepha and Supachai Samappito