1. Apparent characteristics and taxonomic study of macroalgae in pattani bay
Rapeeporn Ruangchuay, Chokchai Lueangthuwapranit and Naruemol Pianthumdee

2. Reef fish and coral assemblages at maptaput, rayong province
Vipoosit Manthachitra and Voravit Cheevaporn

3. Control of chinese-kale damping-off caused by pythium aphanidermatum by antifungal metabolites of trichoderma virens
Warin Intana and Chiradej Chamswarng

4. Isolation and culture of protoplast from leaves of lactuca sativa
Witool Chaipakdee

5. Factors affecting lactose quantity in raw milk
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6. Selection of commercial biofilters for rearing aquatic animals in closed system
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7. Kinds of nucleus for effective pearl cultivation of the pearl oysters, pinctada fucata
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8. Thermotolerant yeasts and application for ethanol production
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9. Probiotic lactic acid bacteria for applications in vegetarian food products
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10. Food resource partitioning of stingless bees; trigona apicalis smith, 1857, trigana collina smith, 1857 and trigona fimbriata smith, 1857 (apidae, meliponinae) in a mixed deciduous forest
Jongjitvimol, T. and Wattanachaiyingcharoen, W.

11. Sealing of thermally-sprayed stainless steel coatings against corrosion using nickel electroplating technique
Hathaipat Koiprasert and Panadda Niranatlumpong

12. Behavior and failure mode of reinforced concrete members damaged by pre-cracking
Amorn Pimanmas

13. Stress distributions in rubber butt-joints bonding
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14. Effects of thin adhesive layer and riveted-pitch distance on the stress concentration factor of riveted lap joints
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15. Effect of milling on morphology of molten salt synthesized sr3ti2o7 crystals
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16. Effect of co-substrate on production of poly-?-hydroxybutyrate (phb) and copolymer phbv from newly identified mutant rhodobacter sphaeroides u7 cultivated under aerobic-dark condition
Kemarajt Kemavongse, Poonsuk Prasertsan, Apichat Upaichit and Pawadee Methacanon

17. Development of the model to predict the growth of salmonella spp. in stirred fried rice with crab meat
Songamnat Pongsomboon, Sarote Sirisansaneeyakul, Ken Sasaki and Naiyatat Poosaran

18. Effect of lactic, acetic and citric acids on quality changes of refrigerated green mussel, perna viridis (linnaeus, 1758)
Payap Masniyom and Ommee Benjama

19. Induction and inhibition of film yeast from fermented bamboo shoot by seasoning plants
Jaruwan Maneesri and Payap Masniyom

20. The effect of kefir starter on thai fermented sausage product
Marisa Jatupornpipat and Payom Keatikumjorn

21. Replacement of cocoa butter with cocoa butter - like fat from modified palm oil in coating chocolate
Jitbunjerdkul, S., Kijroongrojana, K. and Chutong, T.

22. An investigation of dielectric properties of biological cells using rc-model
Sorawuth Bunthawin, Pikul Wanichapichart and Jan Gimsa

23. Natural radioactivity in the area of nakhon si thammarat province
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24. Using potash fertilizer to improve fruit development and fruit quality of longkong (aglaia dookkoo griff.)
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25. Mathematical models and simulations of phase noise in phase-locked loops
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