1. Primary cell culture from human oral tissue gingival keratinocytes, gingival fibroblasts and periodontal ligament fibroblasts
Supreya Wanichpakorn and Ureporn Kedjarune-Laggat

2. Changes of condyle cartilage in orchidectomized rats fed with young coconut juice novel preliminary findings
Muhammadbakhoree Yusuh, Nattika Phochanukoon, Nisaudah Radenahmad, Mutita Eksomtramate, Praphansri Ruangsri, Anachak Chantanasuksilpa and Anupong Nitiruangjaras

3. Streptococcus iniae infection in cultured asian sea bass (lates calcarifer) and red tilapia (oreochromis sp.) in southern thailand
Naraid Suanyuk, Nirut Sukkasame, Nopparat Tanmark, Terutoyo Yoshida, Toshiaki Itami, Ronald L. Thune, Chutima Tantikitti and Kidchakan Supamattaya

4. Redescription of ctenapseudes sapensis (chilton, 1926) from the upper songkhla lagoon, thailand (crustacea tanaidacea)
Saowapa Angsupanich Jirayuth Ruensirikul and Sutinee Himyi

5. Method for the economic recovery of sugar-palm (tao) (arenga westerhoutii griff.) community forests
Anucha Chantaraboon, Intawat Burikam, Savent Pampasit and Ratchada Pongsattayapipat

6. Formation of particles prepared using chitosan and their trimethyl chitosan derivatives for oral vaccine delivery effect of molecular weight and degree of quaternization
Supavadee Boontha, Hans E. Junginger, Neti Waranuch, Assadang Polnok and Tasana Pitaksuteepong

7. High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of b-carotene content in four varieties of lotus stamens
Nithida Phonkot, Preeya Puangsomlee Wangsomnuk and Chantana Aromdee

8. Simultaneous stability-indicating hplc method for the determination of cisapride, methylparaben and propylparaben in oral suspension
Jutima Boonleang and Chanpa Tanthana

9. Measuring service life and evaluating the quality of solid tires
Charoenyut Dechwayukul, Weerachai Kao-ien, Kanadit Chetpattananondh and Wiriya Thongruang

10. Effect of aggregate type, casting, thickness and curing condition on restrained strain of mass concrete
Pongsak Choktaweekarn and Somnuk Tangtermsirikul

11. Effect of mineral oxides on slag formation tendency of mae moh lignites
Anuwat Luxsanayotin, Suneerat Pipatmanomai and Sankar Bhattacharya

12. Photoactivity and hydrophilic property of sio2 and sno2 co-doped tio2 nano-composite thin films
Lek Sikong, Kalayanee Kooptarnond, Sutham Niyomwas and Jiraporn Damchan

13. Compressive strength and ductility of short concrete columns reinforced by bamboo
Satjapan Leelatanon, Suthon Srivaro and Nirundorn Matan

14. A method for thermal asperity suppression in perpendicular recording channels
Piya Kovintavewat and Santi Koonkarnkhai

15. Effect of global warming in thailand
Suphat Vongvisessomjai