1. Effects of young-coconut juice on increasing mandibular cancellous bone in orchidectomized rats- preliminary novel findings
Pranee Suwanpal, Nisaudah Radenahmad, Muhammadbakhoree Yusuh, Mutita Eksomtramate, Praphansri Ruangsri, and Anachak Chantanasuksilpa

2. Biomass and selected ecological factors of epiphytic bryophyte along altitudinal gradients in southern thailand
Sahut Chantanaorrapint and Jan-Peter Frahm

3. Diversity and distribution of seaweed at khanom-mu ko thale tai national park, nakhon si thammarat province, thailand
Anchana Prathep, Supattra Pongparadon, Anuchit Darakrai, Bongkot Wichachucherd and Sutinee Sinutok

4. Marine copepods at mo ko thale tai, gulf of thailand
Supiyanit Maiphae and Phannee Sa-ardrit

5. Cytokinins and coconut water promoted abnormalities in zygotic embryo culture of oil palm
Komgrit Inpeuy, Suhaimine Chaemalee and Sompong Te-chato

6. Micropropagation of chang daeng by embryogenic callus
Suphat Rittirat, Sompong Te-chato, Nattaporn Kerdsuwan and Soisiri Kongruk

7. Feeding behaviour of snake head fish, channa striatus larvae
Thumronk Amornsakun, Wasan Sriwatana and Ponpanom Promkaew

8. Some aspects in early life stage of snake head fish, channa striatus larvae
Thumronk Amornsakun, Wasan Sriwatana and Ponpanom Promkaew

9. Superovulation with different doses of follicle stimulating hormone in kamphaeng saen beef cattle
Peerayut Nilchuen, Sukanya Rattanatabtimtong and Srisuwan Chomchai

10. Competition of root and shoot growth between cultivated rice and common wild rice grown under different phosphorus levels
Pantipa Na Chiangmai and Phakatip Yodmingkhwan

11. Anti-hiv-1 integrase activity of thai medicinal plants in longevity preparations
Kingkan Bunluepuech and Supinya Tewtrakul

12. Separation of oily sludge and glycerol from biodiesel processing waste by coagulation
Qiao-guang Xie, Wirach Taweepreda, Charongpun Musikavong and Chaisri Suksaroj

13. Least cost energy planning in thailand- a case of biogas upgrading in palm oil industry
Artite Pattanapongchai and Bundit Limmeechokchai

14. Extraction and characterization of coconut (cocos nucifera l.) coir dust
A. U. Israel, R. E. Ogali, O. Akaranta, and I.B. Obot

15. Removal of copper from aqueous solutions by adsorption using modify zalacca edulis peel modify
Chadrudee Sirilamduan, Chakkrit Umpuch, and Pairat Kaewsarn