1. Bionomics of the apefly, spalgis epius , predatory on the papaya mealybug, paracoccus marginatus , in thailand
Samaporn Saengyot and Intawat Burikam

2. Determination of vibration properties of jatropha curcas for mechanical harvesting operations
Mohd Rokli Hizra Ramli, Mohd Noor Abdul Ghani, Mohd Hudzari Razali, Fazlil Ilahi Abdul Wahab and Norhayati Ngah

3. Developing characteristics and relationships of shiraia bambusicola with bamboo
Yongxiang Liu, Zuoyi Liu, and Sopone Wongkaew

4. Optimization of process parameters for enhanced biodegradation of acid red 119 by bacillus thuringiensis srdd
Shailesh R. Dave and Riddhi H. Dave

5. Resistance to tomato yellow leaf curl virus -thailand isolate & markers loci association in bc2f1 population from a cross between seedathip 3 & wild tomato, solanum habrochaites l06112 clone no.1
Ornubol Chomdej, Uraiwan Pongpayaklers and Julapark Chunwongse

6. Growth, feed utilization, survival and body composition of fingerlings of slender walking catfish, clarias nieuhofii, fed diets containing different protein levels
Suphada Kiriratnikom and Anut Kiriratnikom

7. Effects of carthamus tinctorius l. solvent extracts on anti-proliferation of human colon via apoptosis and the growth promotion of lymphocytes
Teerakul Arpornsuwan, Sawang Petvises, Arthid Thim-uam, Atirada Boondech, and Sittiruk Roytrakul

8. Performance evaluation of the compact aquaculture system integrating submerged fibrous nitrifying biofilters
Kasidit Nootong and Sorawit Powtongsook

9. A study of diffuser angle effect on ducted water current turbine performance using cfd
Palapum Khunthongjan and Adun Janyalertadun

10. Partitioning behavior of laccase from lentinus polychrous lev in aqueous two phase systems
Karnika Ratanapongleka

11. Projection of bootstrap current in the iter with standard type i elmy h-mode and steady state scenarios
Yutthapong Pianroj and Thawatchai Onjun

12. Performance improvement tool for thai make-to-order manufacturing
Jirapat Wanitwattanakosol, Sooksiri Wichaisri, and Apichat Sopadang

13. Characteristics of mae moh lignite- hardgrove grindability index and approximate work index
Chairoj Rattanakawin and Wutthiphong Tara

14. Implementation of a new composting technology, serial self-turning reactor system, for municipal solid waste management in a small community in thailand
Praj-ya Sungsomboon, Taweep Chaisomphob, Tetsuya Ishida, and Chira Bureecam

15. Removal of reactive dyes from wastewater by shale
Sairoong Nopkhuntod, Somchai Dararat, and Jareeya Yimrattanabovorn