1. Effects of enzyme levels in total mixed ration containing oil palm frond silage on intake, rumen fermentation, and growth performance of male goat
Rini Dwi Wahyuni, Wanwisa Ngampongsai, Chaiyawan Wattanachant, Wonnop Visessanguan and Somphop Boonpayung

2. Effect of paclobutrazol on patumma cv. chiang mai pink under water stress
Jarunee Jungklang and Kobkiat Saengnil

3. Physiological changes in pre-harvest dropped fruits in the pummelo cultivars thong dee and khao nam phueng
Pongnart Nartvaranant

4. Overexploitation of abalone at libong island, trang province, southern thailand
Chanyut Sudtongkong and Suwat Tanyaros

5. Reproductive performance and larval quality of blue swimming crab broodstock, fed with different feeds
Vutthichai Oniam, Likhit Chuchit and Wasana Arkronrat

6. Screening of chitinolytic actinomycetes for biological control of sclerotium rolfsii stem rot disease of chilli
Pranee Pattanapipitpaisal and Rillapat Kamlandharn

7. Functionalization of whey proteins by reactive supercritical fluid extrusion
Khanitta Ruttarattanamongkol

8. Effect of pore size and surface chemistry of porous silica on co2 adsorption
Thongthai Witoon and Metta Chareonpanich

9. Influence of alloying elements on as-casted microstructure and yield strength of micro-alloyed low carbon steels
Ganwarich Pluphrach

10. Influence of friction stir welding parameters on metallurgical and mechanical properties of dissimilar joint between semi-solid metal 356-t6 and aluminum alloys 6061-t651
Muhamad Tehyo, Prapas Muangjunburee, Abdul Binraheem, Somchai Chuchom and Nisida Utamarat

11. Modeling and optimization of ammonia treatment by acidic biochar using response surface methodology
Narong Chaisongkroh, Juntima Chungsiriporn, and Charun Bunyakan

12. Geophysical logging for groundwater investigations in southern thailand
Phongpiyah Klinmanee and Helmut Dürrast

13. Geothermal and seismic evidence for a southeastern continuation of the three pagodas fault zone into the gulf of thailand
Prinya Putthapiban, Wanida Chantong, Phumee Srisuwon, Charongporn Praipiban, and Passakorn Pananont

14. Probability seismic hazard maps of southern thailand
Chinda Sutiwanich, Thanu Hanpattanapanich, Santi Pailoplee and Punya Charusiri

15. Least-mse calibration procedures for corrections of measurement and misclassification errors in generalized linear models
Parnchit Wattanasaruch, Veeranun Pongsapukdee, and Pairoj Khawsithiwong