1. Evaluation of palm pcrtm g1-12 system: a portable battery-operated pcr thermal cycler
Siti Aminah Ahmed, Hong Leong Cheah, Nithya Ravichantar, Subash C.B. Gopinath, and Thean Hock Tang

2. Physicochemical properties of cassava starch and starch-keratin prepared biofilm
Oluwasina Olugbenga Oladayo, Umunna Queendaline C., Olusegun Sunday Joseph, and Wahab Oluwasegun

3. Effect of vanadium and niobium alloying elements on the microstructure and mechanical properties of a drop forging microalloyed hsla steel
Ganwarich Pluphrach

4. Genetic diversity of mud crabs, scylla tranquebarica in sabah, malaysia based on cytochrome c oxidase (coi) gene sequence
Nurul Ain Mohd Sharif, Noor Amalia Shaiful Kahar, Kenneth Rodrigues, Julian Ransangan, and Annita Yong Seok Kian

5. Design and analysis of a doubly corrugated filter for a combined multi-feed microwave-hot air and continuous belt system
Sopida Sungsoontorn, Saysunee Jumrat, Yutthapong Pianroj, and Phadungsak Rattanadecho

6. Fresh garlic extract inhibits staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation under chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic conditions
Panan Ratthawongjirakul and Vorraruthai Thongkerd

7. Phyocyanin extraction from microalgae spirulina platensis assisted by ultrasound irradiation: effect of time and temperature
Hadiyanto, Suttrisnorhadi, Heri Sutanto, and Meiny Suzery

8. Inhibition of capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin derivatives towards histone deacetylase and molecular docking studies
Pakit Kumboonma, Thanaset Senawong, Khatcharin Siriwong, Chavi Yenjai, and Chanokbhorn Phaosiri

9. The association between respirable dust exposure and allergic symptoms in the libraries and general offices at chulalongkorn university, bangkok, thailand
Pathai Chullasuk, Robert S. Chapman, and Nutta Taneepanichskul

10. Safety evaluation and bacterial community of kung-som using pcr-dgge technique
Sutanate Saelao, Sireewan Keasuwan, Soottawat Benjakul, and Suppasil Maneerat

11. Clinical and histopathological characteristics after subconjunctival implantation of cyclosporine-containing poly-lactic acid microfilm in normal dogs
Thanate Anusaksathien, Kanjana Imsilp, Chaiyan Kasorndorkbua, Angkhana Jaroenworaluck, and Aree Thayananuphat

12. Morphological and genetic differences between cultured and wild populations of channa striata in viet nam and its phylogenetic relationship with other channa species
Ngoc-Tran Thi Nguyen and Thuy-Yen Duong

13. Two algal species of volvox l. with their taxonomy and ecology from west bengal, india
Nilu Halder

14. Optimal condition to remove mercury in yellowfin tuna protein isolates and ace-inhibitory property of peptide prepared using commercial proteases
Hathaigan Kokkaew, Supawan Thawornchinsombut, and Jae Won Park

15. Knowledge space theory and union-closed sets conjecture
Chatchawan Panraksa