Volume 30, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2019, Pages 33 - 46

Prioritization of critical factors in after-sales service of condominium unit repairing

Tewakun Chankampom, Phatsaphan Charnwasununth and Preenithi Aksorn

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Since 1997, the housing market in Thailand has continued to grow, particularly in Bangkok and its vicinities. The highest number of residential ownership transfers over the past 18 years has been found, resulting in problems with the increased transfer of ownership, as well as accelerated construction. As a result, complaints to the Office of the Consumer Protection Board (OCPB) increased steadily since 2011, ranking the first for 4 consecutive years. In the year of 2015, condominium was ranked No. 1 for the most complaints about property, with the number of 1,163 cases found. The most complaint issues were about the incomplete construction works, defects after construction, and low-quality finishes. Therefore, this research aims at the prioritization of critical factors in after-sales service of condominium unit repairing within warranty period in Bangkok and its vicinities. Data collection was carried out by means of questionnaire distributed to 314 respondents in 7 projects. The achieved data were analyzed for the mean ( ) whereas degree of importance was assessed by Modified Priority Needs Index (PNImodified) from the total 60 factors. The study found that the first 10 critical factors in the after-sales service for the condominium units that need repairing, in descending order, are as follows: 1) Participation of the residents in the various repairing options; 2) Repairing completed with a one-time repair; 3) Workmanship; 4) Materials used in accordance with the specifications and standard, as well as quality inspection of materials prior to use; 5) Quality of the finishes; accurate and standardized; 6) Work process in accordance with the plan set-forth; 7) Tasks acceleration to meet the deadline; 8) No latent defects, no additional problems after repair; 9) Enough number of workers with expertise in specific tasks; 10) Ability of personnel to work in the evening and at the weekend. Real estate developers can use these study results to refer, develop the planning process, update, or arrange the repairing services for new projects in the future.


Condominium unit, factor, prioritization, repairing, after-sale service


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