Volume 30, No. 03, Month JULY, Year 2019, Pages 121 - 134

Application of a qecn qfd to design an environmentally friendly one handed lipstick packaging

Thanyatorn Fongsatitkul, Erik L.J. Bohez

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The 12 step QECN QFD (Quick easy customer’s needs quality function deployment) was proposed to design an environmentally friendly one hand lipstick packaging. By using the information from the survey to identify the actual customer needs and the resulted requirements were transformed into engineering characteristics for further QFD application. It firstly starts with a questionnaire design and distribution, collection and data analysis via a focus group of 5 knowledgeable people to help discussing and listing the quality dimensions of one handed lipstick packaging. Six dimensions was then achieved and used as basis for laying out the survey questionnaire, focusing on positive/negative critical incidents. Twelve questions were distributed with 33 respondents and analyzed (Step 1 4). The resulted analysis were calculated and used for eliminating the non relevant questions. The remaining questions were further used as a basis for designing the satisfaction survey questionnaire of about 20 questions. The results of the survey and analysis with 94 respondents were used to identify the actual customer needs and the resulted requirements were further transformed into engineering characteristics (Step 5 11). The resulted engineering characteristics were finally analyzed by QFD method and the possible ways of packaging were designed to minimize the non used content of the lipstick compartment left over. The new lipstick compartments design were proposed and compared with several available options by calculating the scores according to the required criteria. The best solution for one handed lipstick packaging with environmental friendly one was therefore selected (Step 12). The detailed drawing was then visualized through the sketches using Solid Work Program and the prototype of the designed one handed environmental friendly lipstick packaging was finally created using 3 D Printer. The round shape body prototype with a flipping opening mechanism at the top cap made it easy to be opened by one hand. The slide up button was convenient to push up with several steps of locking, making it suitable and perfect usage at all ongoing day; especially, for traveler, teenager, elder, and women on going. The detached ring at the sleeve could be twisted and pulled off easily, help minimizing the waste of lipstick content. This packaging was also designed to be reused.


12 step QECN QFD, One handed lipstick packaging, Environmental friendly, Solid work program, Prototype, 3 D Printer


Published by : The Engineering Institute of Thailand Under H.M. The King's Patronage
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