Volume 31, No. 01, Month JANUARY, Year 2020, Pages 155 - 175

Hierarchical analysis for municipal solid waste management and waste to energy technology

Jittra Rukijkanpanich, Nutchadad Suksamai

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In the past, it was found that the establishment of a waste to energy power plant was not accepted by the community, both in terms of municipal solid waste management as energy and energy production technology of the power plant. This research therefore used an analytic hierarchy process (AHP) as a research tool. The results of this research will be useful for planning the establishment of a power plant that has been accepted by the community. The community that would be a case study was located in Sri Prachan district, Suphanburi province with 16,500 tons of community waste per year. In conducting the research, data were collected from the opinions of 24 experts and 21 community representatives"e opinions. The analysis was divided into two issues. The first issue was the analysis of the waste management as energy. The main criteria of analysis include political (P), economy (Ec), society (S), technology (T), environment (En) and legal (L). The second issue was the analysis of energy production technology of the waste to energy plant. The main criteria were types of waste (W), investments (I), energy from production processes (E), and technology acceptance (A). The results showed that both experts and community representatives agreed that separating the waste before producing energy and should have a capacity of less than 10 MW of electricity. In energy production technology issue, the experts chose the gasification technology while the community representative chose the technology of incinerator. Their opinions were different. From the observations, it was found that the community representatives had more experience in producing energy from the incinerator than others. Suggestions should allow the community to have experience in other energy production technologies and received recognition from the community before the establishment of the waste to energy plant.


municipal solid waste, analytical hierarchy process, waste to energy plant, PESTEL


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