Volume 31, No. 04, Month OCTOBER, Year 2020, Pages 77 - 86

Briquette fuel properties from coconut shelland coconut grease waste

Khathapon Pinpathanapong, Pitiporn Manokhoon, Phattharamat Thiamngoen, Thaneeya Rangseesuriyachai

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This research has studied the properties of briquette fuel from coconut shell components and coconut grease waste. The objectivesof this study are to examine the optimal proportion and to investigatethe fuel properties from coconut grease waste, husk residues and coconut dustby cold-press technique. Pretestsetisconducted to compare the betterproperties and combustion time betweendry period30 and 60 minat the temperature of 105C.The biomass briquettes are producedusing mixing coconut grease waste: coconutdust: husk residuesin seven percentages ratiosof70:30:0, 75:15:10, 80:10:10,85:10:5,90:8:2,90:10:0 and95:3:2.The chemical properties studied included heating value, moisture content, volatile matters, fixed carbon and bottom ashare analyzed according to ASTM standards. The pretest results show thelowest moisture contentand longest ignition point time(6-9 min)at 60-min dry period.Therefore, the optimum ratio is investigated at 60-min dry period and indicates that 75: 15:10(coconut greasewaste: coconut dust: husk residues)is the optimum ratio with 6,660 kcal/kg heating value, 4.00% moisture content, 7.97% fixed carbon, 84.10% volatile matters and 4.00% bottom ash. The heating value of briquette fuel in this study meets the requirement of Thai Community Production Standard 238/2547 which has the standard heating value of charcoal briquette not less than 5,000 (kcal/kg). However, the moisture content value is achieved the standard which should below 8%. Therefore, briquette fuelfrom coconut shell and coconut grease waste hasa higher heating value than briquette charcoal and other biomass charcoal. Therefore, it demonstrates that it can use as a renewable energy and save the environment.


briquette fuel;heating value; coconut shell; coconut grease waste


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