Volume 41, No. 05, Month SEPTEMBER, Year 2019, Pages 1162 - 1170

Length-weight relationship, condition factors and trophic level of buffon's river-garfish zenarchopterus buffonis from the coastal waters of malaysia

Diana Atiqah Zainal Abidin, Simon Kumar Das, and Mazlan Abd Ghaffar

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Length-weight relationship (LWR), condition factors, and trophic level of Zenarchopterus buffonis from the coastal waters of Malaysia were evaluated between November 2013 and March 2014. Three hundred individuals of Z. buffonis ranging between 8.7−16.0 cm total length and 3.67−22.19 g body weight were investigated in this study. The length-weight relationship demonstrated that the parameter b values at Sungai Likas, Tanjung Belungkor, Langkawi, Klang, and Matang were 3.3114, 3.0534, 2.5442, 2.2018, and 2.8998, respectively, which suggested positive and negative allometric growth patterns for this species. Specimens from Matang recorded the lowest mean condition factor, K (0.2292±0.0578) whereas Tanjung Belungkor displayed the highest value of 0.6556±0.0526. Matang was discovered to display the lowest relative condition factor (Kn) of 0.0330±0.2336, whereas Klang had the highest Kn value of 3.5097±0.4232. The trophic level for Z. buffonis was analyzed based on 84 specimens. Gut content analysis revealed that Z. buffonis consume primarily insects (57%), followed by plant materials (33%), and crustaceans (10%). The calculated TROPH values (1−3.2) signified that Z. buffonis has an omnivorous feeding habit. This study provides the pioneer description of LWR parameters, condition factors, and diet preferences for Z. buffonis, which would be beneficial for the sustainable fishery management in the coastal waters of Malaysia and neighboring provinces.


halfbeak, growth pattern, condition factor, feeding habit, Malaysian coastal waters


Published by : Prince of Songkla University
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