1. The construction of a housing project with repetitive working patterns part 2 guidelines to enhance work performance of rsm schedule
Suneerat Kusalasai, Kanchana Jamnongnart

2. Frictional behavior of sandstone fractures under pre-peak cyclic loading conditions
Narudon Patitung, Thanittha Thongprapha, Kittitep Fuenkajorn

3. Mechanical performance of consolidated crushed salt mixed with mgcl2 brine for carnalite mine backfill
Worawat Suwannnabut, Thanittha Thongprapha, Kittitep Fuenkajorn

4. Properties of compacted bentonite-aggregate mixtures as backfill in salt and potash mines
Laksikar Sitthimongkol, Thanittha Thongprapha, Kittitep Fuenkajorn

5. Application of ground penetrating radar (gpr) for detection of void model under concrete pavement
Atima Kojima, Thanop Thitimakorn, Sasikan Kupongsak

6. A study of traffic signal coordination system: a case study of the royal initiate project road of his majesty king rama ix
Ladawan Suanchan, Jumrus Pitaksringkarn

7. Development of interlocking brick block from sludge on the benefits of local communities
Thitiporn Mongkolchoo, Nattapong Makaratat, Chaiyuth Chinnarasri

8. Dynamic behavior of reinforced concrete pagoda
Narongrit Junwattanawong, Krit Chaimoon

9. Design of ballasted railroad substructure based on engineering performance of subgrade soil
Pongpipat Anantanasakul, Kittiya Sutapun

10. Development of interlocking lightweight cement blocks from sludge ash mixed pozzolan material
Anuchat Leeanansaksiri, Worawit Phochan, Thitinun Pongnum

11. Experimental setup for measuring thermal conductivity of architecture fabrics
Kunthakorn Khaothong

12. Hierarchical analysis for municipal solid waste management and waste to energy technology
Jittra Rukijkanpanich, Nutchadad Suksamai

13. Location selection of tire service center using the fuzzy ahp approach
Prapapan Ketsarapong, Sirang Klankamsorn

14. Defective reduction in inkjet coding process on can product
Sitthikorn Lertariyasakul, Wipawee Tharmmaphornphilas

15. Removal of lead in water by using leaf stalk and leaf of the elephant ear plant (colocasia esculenta (l.) schott) as adsorbent
Wankassama Haron