1. Study ofthe seismic response of vertical steel vessels
Chaiwat Thamtaisong, Kitjapat Phuvoravan

2. Genetic algorithms for water allocation using asp and javascript:a case study of chao phraya river and tha chin river
Sureerat Thongprapha, Kampanad Bhaktikul, Watchara Suiadee, Werachat Chatpanyacharoen

3. Strength, porosity,and resistivity of coarse recycled concrete aggregateself-compacting concrete containing fly ash
Pongpol Ud-ai, Veera Horsakulthai

4. A study of values of time (vot) for collectors roads in thailand
Thanyarat Sathiennam, Phatsaphan Charnwasununth, Thaned Satiennam

5. Determining costs and time required for building constructon by using 3d structural models, unit costs, productivity rates, and project simulations
Bunnapub Visartsakul, Jirawat Damrianant

6. Briquette fuel properties from coconut shelland coconut grease waste
Khathapon Pinpathanapong, Pitiporn Manokhoon, Phattharamat Thiamngoen, Thaneeya Rangseesuriyachai

7. Earthquake effect to liquefaction potential in phayao province
Pattaramon wongrat, Apichat Buakla, Thankorn Chompoorat, Preeda Chaimahawan

8. Strength and ductilityof restrained steel-concrete composite beams under cyclicloads
Sarawut Yodmunee, Torkul Karnjanalai, Torkul Aramrak

9. Efficiencyof concrete repair by stitching dogs method with different materials
Tananut Inumnuay, Wanchai Yodsudjai

10. Performancr evaluation an air-cooled of an air-cooled heat exchanger based on entropy generation
Wanchai Asvapoositkul, Kanthaporn Tatong

11. Microstructure and hardness evolution of carburized mild steel
Thee Chowwanonthapunya, Chaiyawat Peeratatsuwan

12. The selection of factors for machining center using the fuzzy ahp approach
Janjira Kongchuenjai

13. The development of functional map of first line managements in thai foundry industry
Chaowana Chaisang

14. Removal of haloacetic acids (haas) in water supply by coagulation -flocculation and activated carbon adsorption processes
Phongthon Saengchut, Prapat Pentamwa, Sudjit Karuchit

15. Development of smart farm system for aquaculture in the pond
Kamthorn Sarawan, Sarayut Kornwirat, Umboon Chareatratchai, Ronnachai Sangmuenmao, Kasame Chetawan, Sawipa Ruttanakorn