1. An evaluation of the sexual system of garcinia atroviridis l. (clusiaceae), based on reproductive features
Sasithorn Pangsuban, Noparat Bamroongrugsa, Kamnoon Kanchanapoom and Charassri Nualsri

2. Response of resistant breeding lines of tomato germplasm and their progenies with seedathip3 to tomato yellow leaf curl virus, thailand isolate (tylcthv-[2])
Ornubol Chomdej, Orawan Chatchawankanpanich, Wichai Kositratana and Julapark Chunwongse

3. Genetic relationship among subspecies of musa acuminata colla and a-genome consisting edible cultivated bananas assayed with issr markers
Phruet Racharak and Wichan Eiadthong

4. Relationships between some thai cultivars of pineapple (ananas comosus) revealed by rapd analysis
Siam Popluechai, Somrudee Onto and Prapassorn Damrongkool Eungwanichayapant

5. Effect of levels of concentrate on nutrient utilization and nitrogen balance of thai native cow in mid-pregnancy
Vichurungsai, A., Ngampongsai, W., Kuprasert, S., Kochapakdee, S.

6. Effects of chinese tea (camellia sinensis) supplementation in laying hen diets on production, quality and cholesterol content of egg
Panja, P.

7. Studies of the anti-inflammatory and antipyretic activities of the methanolic extract of piper sarmentosum roxb. leaves in rats
Wibool Ridtitid, Peerati Ruangsang, Wantana Reanmongkol and Malinee Wongnawa

8. The content of active constituents of stored sliced and powdered preparations of turmeric rhizomes and zedoary (bulb and finger) rhizomes
Sanan Subhadhirasakul, Siriwan Wongvarodom and Chitchamai Ovatlarnporn

9. Effect of material uncertainties on dynamic response of segmental box girder bridge
Suchart Limkatanyu and Kittisak Kuntiyawichai

10. Methyl ester production from high free fatty acid mixed crude palm oil
Gumpon Prateepchaikul, Michael L.Allen, Theerayut Leevijit and Kittisak Thaveesinsopha

11. Morphological control and optical properties of nanocrystalline zno powder from precipitation method
Sumetha Suwanboon, Suchada Chukamnerd and Utsanee Anglong

12. Physio-chemical and biological properties of partially purified exopolymers from newly isolated halophilic bacterial strain sm5
Patcharee Lungmann, Wanna Choorit and Poonsuk Prasertsan

13. Production of methyl ester from oil in the wastewater pond of a palm oil factory
Tongurai, C. and Chuntorng-orn, K.

14. Wear behavior of contacting between thin film coating on skd11 ball and 304 stainless steel disk
Sriprasird, J., Khantachawana, A., Premanond, V. and Kaewtatip, P.

15. Microwave pre-heating of natural rubber using a rectangular wave guide (mode: te10)
Doo-ngam, N., Rattanadecho, P. and Klinklai, W.

16. Raman technique application for rubber blends characterization
Smitthipong, W., Michel Nardin and Jacques Schultz

17. Effect of mixed spices in lemon glass marinade cuisine on changes in chemical physical and microbiological quality of ready-to-cook thai indigenous chicken meat during chilled storage
Wongwiwat, P., Yanpakdee, S. and Wattanachant, S.

18. Optimum composite flour, water and mixing time of dough for crispy snack containing fish-head protein hydrolysate
Jitbunjerdkul, S., Kijroongrojana, K., and Pasakawee, K.

19. The degree and the order of polynomials in the ring  
Ronnason Chinram

20. Linear system design using routh column polynomials
S.N. Sivanandam and S.N. Deepa

21. Effects on the upstream flood inundation caused from the operation of chao phraya dam
Sutham Visutimeteegorn, Kanchit Likitdecharote and Suphat Vongvisessomjai

22. Effect of mass concentration of immobilized spirulina platensis on nitrogen removal from simulated shrimp pond water
Patama Lerksasen and Chalermraj Wantawin

23. Food industrial wastewater reuse by membrane bio-reactor
Patthanant Natpinit, Mutsuo Kawasaki and Shigeru Araki