1. Isolation and identification of a novel alginate-degrading bacterium, ochrobactrum sp.
Mao-hong Zhou, Fang-fang Han, Jun Li and Xiao-wei Zhao

2. Phylogeography of ivory shell (babylonia areolata) in the gulf of thailand revealed by coi gene structure and differentiation of shell color by its1 dna
Watcharasuda Hualkasin, Wipavee Tongchuai, Wilaiwan Chotigeat and Amornrat Phongdara

3. Gonapodasmius epinepheli observed in cage cultured orange spotted grouper (epinephelus coioides) in southern thailand geographical distribution of parasite and host response
Jirawat Tudkaew, Norasing Penprapai, Rudolf Hoffmann and Kidchakan Supamattaya

4. Determination of the most efficient target tissue and helium pressure for biolistic transformation of oil palm (elaeis guineensis jacq.)
Kantamaht Kanchanapoom, Alisa Nakkaew, Kamnoon Kanchanapoom and Amornrat Phongdara

5. Variation of phytoplankton biomass as chlorophyll a in banglang reservoir, yala province
Chalinda Ariyadej, Pimpan Tansakul and Reungchai Tansakul

6. Immunochemical detection of growth hormone and prolactin cells in the pituitary gland of the mountain frog (rana blythii)
Supattra Suwanmanee, Prasert Sobhon, Jittipan Chavadej and Prapee Sretarugsa

7. Cytogenetic study on thai brow-antlered deer, cervus eldi siamensis and thamin brow-antlered deer, cervus eldi thamin (artiodactyla, cervidae) by conventional staining method
Alongkoad Tanomtong, Nipasak Kong-ngarm, Praween Supanuam and Monthira Monthatong

8. Adsorption efficiencies of calcium (ii) ion and iron (ii) ion on activated carbon obtained from pericarp of rubber fruit
Sathorn Panumati, Kanokon Chudecha, Prapawan Vankhaew, Vichuta Choolert, Leamthong Chuenchom,Wanna Innajitara, and Orawan Sirichote

9. Adsorption of phenol from diluted aqueous solutions by activated carbons obtained from bagasse, oil palm shell and pericarp of rubber fruit
Vichuta Choolert, Leamthong Chuenchom,Wanna Innajitara, and Orawan Sirichote

10. Magnitude analysis of aftershocks of the mw 9.3 sumatra-andaman earthquake recorded at the temporary psu seismic station in phang nga, thailand
Nawarat Setapong, Warawutti Lohawijarn and Helmut Düerrast

11. Sulfur doping and its effect on tio2 photoactivity
Rungnapa Tongpool and Kongthip Setwong

12. Malaria in north - western thailand
Wattanavadee Sriwattanapongse, Metta Kuning, and Naratip Jansakul

13. Development of a semi-solid metal processing technique for aluminium casting applications
Jessada Wannasin and Sangop Thanabumrungkul

14. Compressive modulus of adhesive bonded rubber block
Charoenyut Dechwayukul and Wiriya Thongruang

15. The effect of carbon mole ratio on the fabrication of silicon carbide from sio2-c-mg system via self-propagating high temperature synthesis
Sutham Niyomwas

16. The effects of milling time on the synthesis of titanium diboride powder by self-propagating high temperature synthesis
Sutham Niyomwas, Narumon Chaichana, Napisporn Memongkol and Jessada Wannasin

17. Production of titanium carbide from ilmenite
Kanokon Nuilek, Napisporn Memongkol, and Sutham Niyomwas

18. An overview of differential mobility analyzers for size classification of nanometer-sized aerosol particles
Panich Intra and Nakorn Tippayawong

19. Numerical weather simulation of the depression 23w over the gulf of thailand by the mm5
Chakrit Chotamonsak and Jiemjai Kreasuwun

20. Transport of heavy metals and chemical compatibility of hydraulic conductivity of a compacted sand-bentonite mixture
Tanit Chalermyanont, Surapon Arrykul and Nanthanit Charoenthaisong