1. Alteration in pancreatic protein expression in dexamethasone-treated mice
Amod Sharma, Sittiruk Roytrakul, Suthathip Kittisenachai, Namoiy Semprasert, Suwattanee Kooptiwut

2. Magnetohydrodynamic flow of dusty fluid over riga plate with deforming isothermal surfaces with convective boundary condition
B.C. Prasannakumara, N.S. Shashikumar, Gosikere Kenchappa Ramesh

3. Self-reported inclination of heavy-duty vehicle drivers to adopt eco-driving in different motivation contexts
Nazam Ali and Mongkut Piantanakulchai

4. Molecular systematics and species distribution of foliose lichens in the gulf of thailand mangroves with emphasis on dirinaria picta species complex
Achariya Rangsiruji, Sanya Meesim, Kawinnat Buaruang, Kansri Boonpragob, Pachara Mongkolsuk, Sutheewan Binchai, Onanong Pringsulaka, Sittiporn Parnmen

5. Altered virulence of non-indole-producing pathogenic bacteria by indole signaling
Paramaporn Rattanaphan, Thunchanok Yaikhan, Pawina Rachniyom, Pimonsri Mittraparp-Arthorn, Varaporn Vuddhakul, Natta Tansila

6. Water bodies are a critical foraging habitat for insectivorous bats in tropical agricultural landscapes of central thailand
Piyaporn Suksai and Sara Bumrungsri

7. Spline estimator and its asymptotic properties in multiresponse nonparametric regression model
Budi Lestari, Fatmawati, I Nyoman Budiantara

8. Characterization of a recombinant glucosidase of gh3 family from glucosinolate-metabolizing human gut bacterium enterococcus casseliflavus cp1 for nitrile production
Vijitra Luang-In, Abdulhadi Ali Albaser, John T. Rossiter

9. Coal dust dispersion from a coal storage pile
Pet Techarat and Paitoon Tontiwachwuthikul

10. Experimental and numerical investigation of dam break flow propagation passed through complex obstacles using les model based on fvm and lbm
Chartchay Chumchan and Phadungsak Rattanadecho

11. Mitochondrial dna diversity of the lemon emigrant butterfly catopsilia pomona fabricius (lepidoptera pieridae) in khon kaen province, thailand
Nutnicha Khomphimai, Chananchida Samranthin, Kanokporn Chaianunporn, Wibhu Kutanan, Thotsapol Chaianunporn

12. Properties of bio-composite product from acacia strand and coconut veneer
Siti Noorbaini Sarmin, Siti Nadrah M. Omar, Nor Yuziah Mohd Yunus, Jamaludin Kasim, and Wan Mohd Nazri Wan Abdul Rahman

13. Developing a finite difference hybrid method for solving second order initial-value problems for the volterra type integro-differential equations
Kamoh Nathaniel Mahwash and Kumleng Micah Geoffrey

14. Genetic polymorphisms of the sox10 gene in thai patients with sporadic hirschsprung disease
Karun Eadyow, Theerawut Phusantisampan, Wanwisa Maneechay, Surasak Sangkhathat

15. Acetylation of alcohols and amines catalyzed by onion peel ash under a base- and solvent-free condition
Poh Wai Chia, Poh Seng Chee, Noor Wini Mazlan, Fu Siong Julius Yong, Mohd Zul Helmi Rozaini, and Su-Yin Kan

16. Intraocular transmissible venereal tumors in dogs a retrospective review of 21 cases
Natthanet Sritrakoon, Phudit Maneesaay, Chaiyan Kasorndorkbua, Supreeya Srisampan, Charuwan Wongsali, Sunee Kunakornsawat, Aree Thayananuphat

17. In vitro biological activities of thunbergia laurifolia stem and leaf with reference to rosmarinic acid
Parichart Hongsing, Chanida Palanuvej, Nijsiri Ruangrungsi

18. Geochemical indices and palynology comparison used for paleoproductivity and paleoredox conditions of the huai hin lat formation in part of loei-petchabun fold belt in central thailand
Boonnarong Arsairai, Qinglai Feng, Chongpan Chonglakmani, Akkhapun Wannakomol, Hathaichanok Vattanasak

19. Flotation of oxide copper ore with sodium oleate from the sepon mine, lao pdr
Sorvang Vasailor and Chairoj Rattanakawin

20. Mechanical properties of aramid fiber-reinforced composites and performance on repairing concrete beams damaged by corrosion
Pitcha Jongvivatsakul, Chung Nguyen Thi, Ganchai Tanapornraweekit, Linh Van Hong Bui

21. Effect of purple corn cob extract powder and black rice bran oil on quality and shelf life of fresh beef
Nova Solina Purba, Suthipong Uriyapongson, Juntanee Uriyapongson

22. Quality of bali bull cryopreserved sperm using different extenders and equilibration times on pregnancy rate of bali cows
Yendraliza, Anwar Efendi Harahap, Jully Handoko, Muhamad Rodiallah, Chairusyuhur Arman

23. Modeling user perception of bus service quality a case study in mauritius
Thanapong Champahom, Sajjakaj Jomnonkwao, Ampol Karoonsoontawong, Natthaporn Hantanong, Roodheer Beeharry, Vatanavongs Ratanavaraha

24. Probiotic characterization and in vitro cholesterol lowering effects of lactic acid bacteria isolated from healthy thai infants
Nutcha Sirichotinun, Ulisa Pachekrepapol, Kwannan Nantavisai, Malai Taweechotipatr, Sirinun Nilwarangkoon

25. Mathematical analysis for classical chua s circuit with two nonlinear resistors
Natchaphon Limphodaen and Pattrawut Chansangiam

26. Optimization of the preparation treatment to obtain the desired quality of canned cowpea (vigna unguiculata, tn 5-78) variety grown in the sahel region
Moutaleb Oumarou Hama, Issoufou Amadou, Cheickna Daou, Min Zhang

27. Effect of maleic anhydride on mechanical properties and morphology of poly(lactic acid) natural rubber blend
Varaporn Tanrattanakul, Ruedee Jaratrotkamjorn, Weerawat Juliwanlee

28. Optimization of surface roughness and microhardness using the taguchi method in conventional and ultrasonic-assisted milling of aluminum a356
Sed Udomboonyanupap, Somsak Siwadamrongpong, Apiwat Muttamara, Thongchai Pangjundee

29. Differentiation of stress and depressive symptoms between university students with either addictive or non-addictive smartphone behavior
Supawadee Chareonwanit and Ekkawit Charoenwanit

30. Prevalence of safety equipment and helmet use among school students commuting to school in south selangor, malaysia
Sivasankar Sambasivam, Adriana Abdul Aziz, Karmegam Karuppiah, Emilia Zainal Abidin, Shamsul Bahri Mohd Tamrin, Hasan Sadeghi Naeini, Kulanthayan KC Mani, Puvanasvaran A. Perumal, Ayuni Nabilah Alias