1. Population dynamics and prey composition of tetragnatha spiders (araneae tetragnathidae) in semi-organic rice fields, songkhla province, southern thailand
Venus Saksongmuang , Tadashi Miyashita , Tewee Maneerat and Sara Bumrungsri

2. Results of medications and bladder managements of vesicoureteral reflux in patients with a spinal cord lesion
Nalinee Tipsri , Patpiya Sirasaporn , Preeda Arayawichanon and Nuttaset Manimmanakorn

3. Investigation on elastic properties and radiation shielding of lead-recycled cathode ray tube glass system
Raewat Laopaiboon , Katayut Wichai , Sukhon Khottham , Jintana Laopaiboon and Oruethai Jaiboon

4. Monochoria angustifolia (g. x. wang) boonkerd & tungmunnithum, the new species of the genus monochoria from thailand
Duangjai Tungmunnithum , Norio Tanaka and Thaweesakdi Boonkerd

5. Effect of level of cassava pulp in fermented total mixed ration on feed intake, nutrient digestibility, ruminal fermentation and chewing behavior in goats
Songsak Chumpawadee and Sukanya Leetongdee

6. Laparoscopic vacuum testectomy technique for castration royal project bresse chickens on highland of thailand
Ongart Songsee , Suchon Tangtaweewipat , Boonlom Cheva-Isarakul and Tossapol Moonmanee

7. The relationship between lameness and reproductive performance in dairy cows raised in small holder farms, thailand
Niorn Ratanapob , Wandee Thiangtum , Theera Rukkwamsuk , Smit Srisomrun , Supachart Panneum and Pipat Arunvipas

8. Integration of quality function deployment and value engineering a case study of designing a texon cutting tool
Rosnani Ginting , Ukurta Tarigan and Nismah Panjaitan

9. Capability of p- and s-wave seismic refraction in delineating the blang bintang sanitary landfill (tpa) ground subsurface
Muhammad Syukri , Rosli Saad and Zul Fadhli

10. Biodegradability of single and mixed surfactant formulations
Jarrent R. Tayag and Ronaldo M. Fabicon

11. Fish species composition and catch per unit effort in nong han wetland, sakon nakhon province, thailand
Somsak Rayan , Boonthiwa Chartchumni , Saifon Kaewdonree and Wirawan Rayan

12. In silico screening of chalcones against epstein-barr virus nuclear antigen 1 protein
Nitchakan Darai , Panupong Mahalapbutr , Kanyani Sangpheak , Chompoonut Rungnim , Peter Wolschann , Nawee Kungwan and Thanyada Rungrotmongkol

13. A mechanical behavior study of filament wound composite leaf springs
Abubakar Gambo Mohammed , Ercan Sevkat and Auwal Muhammad

14. The phytosociological attributes of village common forests in chittagong hill tracts, bangladesh
Mohammad Nizam Uddin , Mohammad Mosharraf Hossain , Mohammad Syful Karim , Wapakorn Siriwong and Jaruntorn Boonyanuphap

15. Separation axioms on soft bitopological spaces
Piyali Debnath and Binod Chandra Tripathy

16. A simple closed-form formula for the conditional moments of the ornstein-uhlenbeck process
Kittisak Chumpong , Khamron Mekchay and Sanae Rujivan

17. 2d electrical resistivity tomography (ert) method to delineate coal seams case studies on lignite and anthracite
Khamvanh Phengnaone , Rungroj Arjwech and Mark Everett

18. The interaction effect of ginger extract and ascorbic acid on antioxidant activity
Apakorn Singprecha , Liudmila Yarovaya and Watcharee Khunkitti

19. Wetlands invaded by pneumatopteris afra (christ.) holttum are less diverse and more threatened than non-invaded ones in nigeria
Gbenga Festus Akomolafe and Zakaria Bin Rahmad

20. Anti-oxidative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-estrogenic effects of mushroom mycoamaranthus cambodgensis (pat.) trappe, s. lumyong, p. lumyong, sanmee & zhu l. yang extract
Niramai Fangkrathok , Jintana Junlatat , Bungorn Sripanidkulchai and Orapun Jaisamut

21. Mature gonadal histology and gametogenesis of the tortoise beetle aspidimorpha sanctaecrucis (fabricius, 1792) (coleoptera cassidinae chrysomelidae) histological observation
Piyakorn Boonyoung , Sinlapachai Senarat , Jes Kettratad , Wannee Jiraungkoorskul , Narit Thaochan , Kong-Wah Sing , Theerakamol Pengsakul and Pisit Poolprasert

22. Rainfall trend analysis in the mae klong river basin, thailand
Alamgir Khalil

23. Resource-based routing protocol for mobile adhoc networks
Prasannavenkatesan Theerthagiri and Menakadevi T

24. Penalized spline estimator with multi smoothing parameters in bi-response multi-predictor nonparametric regression model for longitudinal data
Anna Islamiyati , Fatmawati and Nur Chamidah

25. Uv-induced mutagenesis in volvariella volvacea to improve mushroom yield
Eakaphun Bangyeekhun , Korapan Sawetsuwannakul and Urarux Romruen

26. Expired naproxen drug as a robust corrosion inhibitor of al in 3 m hydrochloric acid system
Narasimha Raghavendra

27. Sol-gel self cleaning superhydrophobic nanocoating for glass surface of solar cell
Juntima Chungsiriporn , Prukraya Pongyeela and Nirana Chairerk

28. Changes of dopamine d2, alpha1 adrenergic receptor expressions and developmental stages of seminiferous tubule in rat testis after methamphetamine administration a preliminary study
Samur Thanoi , Siriporn Janphet and Sutisa Nudmamud-Thanoi

29. Effects of culture medium and lighting condition on induction of conidiation in cercospora citrullina
Kathrine Xin Yee Tan , Azlinda Binti Ibrahim and Hideyuki Nagao

30. Changes in secretory protein of porcine ampulla and isthmus parts of oviduct on follicular and luteal phases
Mayuva Youngsabanant and Wanna Mettasart