Volume 42, No. 02, Month MARCH, Year 2020, Pages 391 - 397

Hydrodynamic flow between rotating stretchable disks in an orthotropic porous medium

K. Gowthami, P. Hari Prasad, Bandaru Mallikarjuna, O. D. Makinde

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A mathematical model of convective steady flow over rotating disks in an orthotropic porous medium has been developed and solved the non-dimentional governing equations for flow by the shooting method that uses fourth order Runge- Kutta integration technique and Newton’s method. Magnitude of radial velocity of fluid decreases near the surfaces of the disks for increasing value of Reynolds number. Impact of stretching parameters on the radial and tangential velocity profiles is observed. Computational results are presented graphically for various cases of parameters on velocity (radial f  and tangential g ) and temperature profiles and table values are reported for skin friction and Nusselt number along both disks. It is observed that as the Reynolds number increases, the tangential velocity decreases. As we move far away from the disk the effects of physical parameters is not significant. It is seen that when the stretching parameter increases the radial velocity increases initially and when 𝜂=0.3 onwards the radial velocity decreases. This type of study finds application in industrial and engineering fields such as turbine engines and electronic power generating systems etc.


rotating disks flow, porous medium, skin friction, heat transfer, shooting numerical method


Published by : Prince of Songkla University
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