1. Optimization of reducing sugar production from enzymatic hydrolysis of banana peels using response surface methodology
Suthida Akkarachaneeyakorn, Archara Suwakrai, and Duangporn Pewngam

2. Q - fuzzy sets in up -algebras
Kanlaya Tanamoon, Sarinya Sripaeng, and Aiyared Iampan

3. Cross-border shipment route selection utilizing analytic hierarchy process (ahp) method
Veeris Ammarapala, Thanwadee Chinda, Pimnapa Pongsayaporn, Wit Ratanachot, Koonnamas Punthutaecha, and Koson Janmonta

4. Recycling of melamine formaldehyde waste as fine aggregate in lightweight concrete
Chalermchai Chaitongrat and Somsak Siwadamrongpong

5. Phases of time, mental workload and pilot age; a case study: indonesian civilian pilot
Abadi Dwi Saputra, Sigit Priyanto, and Imam Muthohar

6. Development of ?-insensitive smooth support vector regression for predicting minimum miscibility pressure in co2 flooding
Shahram Mollaiy-Berneti and Mehdi Abedi-Varaki

7. Leaf phenology and wood formation of white cedar trees ( melia azedarach l.) and their responses to climate variability
Kritsadapan Palakit, Somkid Siripatanadilok, Pichit Lumyai, and Khwanchai Duangsathaporn

8. In vitro adhesion property and competition against enteropathogens of lactobacillus strains isolated from thai infants
Kwannan Nantavisai, Srisombat Puttikamonkul, Kruawan Chotelersak, and Malai Taweechotipatr

9. Predicting prices of agricultural commodities in thailand using combined approach emphasizing on data pre-processing technique
Thoranin Sujjaviriyasup

10. Kinetics and control of palm fatty acid distillate esterification for a feasible biodiesel production
Apichat Saejio and Kulchanat Prasertsit

11. Use of wood vinegar as fungus and malodor retarding agent for natural rubber products
Juntima Chungsiriporn, Prukraya Pongyeela, and Jutarut Iewkittayakorn

12. On r-left cancellative semigroups
Chaiwat Namnak, Ekkachai Laysirikul, and Piyaporn Tantong

13. Dynamic model for construction and demolition waste recycling in bangkok, thailand
Thanwadee Chinda, Wacharit Engpanyalert, Areeya Tananoo, Jidapa Chaikong, and Anapat Methawachananont

14. Electrical conductivity and physical changes of functionalized carbon nanotube/graphite/stainless steel (ss316l)/polypropylene composites immersed in an acidic solution
Hendra Suherman, Abu Bakar Sulong, Mohd Yusuf Zakaria, Nishata Royan, and Jaafar Sahari

15. Utilization of waste from concentrated rubber latex industry for composting with addition of natural activators
Jutarut Iewkittayakorn, Juntima Chungsiriporn, and Nirattisai Rakmak

16. Silica gel derived from palm oil mill fly ash
Panca Setia Utama, Ram Yamsaensung, and Chayanoot Sangwichien

17. Effects of drying temperatures on physicochemical properties of germinated brown rice
Sunan Parnsakhorn and Jaturong Langkapin

18. Coordinating a two - level supply chain with defective items, inspection errors and price - sensitive demand
Wakhid Ahmad Jauhari, Rahmad Sulistyanto, and Pringggo Widyo Laksono

19. Electrochemical studies on corrosion resistance of phosphate chemical conversion coatings on low carbon steel api 5l grade b
Vahid Asadi, Iman Danaee, Hadi Eskandari, and Soudabeh Nikmanesh

20. Periostin staining within renal tissues from iga nephropathy patients
Peepattra Wantanasiri, Bancha Satirapoj, Mongkon Charoenpitakchai, and Pornanong Aramwit

21. A preliminary study to determine the potential of a prototype feeding stimulant in improving the weaning of juvenile marble goby ( oxyeleotris marmoratus )
Sian Kang Jason Lai, Leong-Seng Lim, Annita Seok-Kian Yong, Gunzo Kawamura, and Rossita Shapawi

22. Tuna viscera hydrolysate products prepared by different enzyme preparations improve the feed intake and growth of asian seabass, lates calcarifer , fed total fishmeal replacement diets
Rutchanee Chotikachinda, Chutima Tantikitti, Soottawat Benjakul, and Turid Rustad

23. Different coral compositions reflect contrasting environmental patterns of inshore and offshore reef habitats in thailand
Aorn Sillapasathiwong and James True

24. Nurse scheduling in a hospital emergency department: a case study at a thai university hospital
Aussadavut Dumrongsiri and Pornpimol Chongphaisal

25. Performance, carcass quality and fatty acid profile of crossbred brahman beef steers receiving palm or rice bran oil
Wisitiporn Suksombat, Chayapol Meeprom, Kanathai Orkdaeng and Thanawat Phonkert

26. Robust multi -model predictive control of multi- zone thermal plate s ystem
Poom Jatunitanon, Sarawoot Watechagit, and Withit Chatlatanaguchai

27. Productivity improvement for heating ventilation and air conditioning unit assembly
Vichai Rungreunganun and Teansin Sriwasut

28. A study on an m/g/1 retrial g -queue with unreliable server under variant working vacations policy and vacation interruption
P. Rajadurai

29. Modifying the properties of whey protein isolate edible film by incorporating palm oil and glycerol
Vachiraya Liaotrakoon and Patcharin Raviyan

30. A simple and reproducible protocol for plant regeneration and cryopreservation of grammatophyllum specinocum bl.
Nattawadee Wongrasee and Sumontip Bunnag