1. A simple synthesis and characterization of lamo3 (m=al, co, fe, gd) perovskites via chemical co-precipitation method
Wankassama Haron, Anurat Wisitsoraat, Uraiwan Sirimahachai, and Sumpun Wongnawa

2. A comparison study on elasticity of rubberized concrete with and without poly (ethylene terephthalate) fibre
Apidej Sakulneya and Pitiwat Wattanachai

3. Genotype of javanese backyard waterfowls based on antiviral myxovirus gene
R. Susanti, Fidia Fibriana, and Fitri Arum Sasi

4. Corrected score estimators in linear multivariate multiple regression models with heteroscedastic measurement errors
Wannaporn Junthopas, Jirawan Jitthavech, and Vichit Lorchirachoonkul

5. A new method of image denoising based on cellular neural networks
Gangyi Hu and Sumeth Yuenyong

6. Springback and sidewall curl prediction in u-bending process of ahss through finite element method and artificial neural network approach
Natchanun Angsuseranee, Ganwarich Pluphrach, Bhadpiroon Watcharasresomroeng, and Arkhom Songkroh

7. Generalized i?rs-statistical convergence in intuitionistic fuzzy normed linear space
Nabanita Konwar and Pradip Debnath

8. Modification and evaluation of tools for pharmaceutical care of patients with schizophrenia in non-psychiatric hospitals
Kanchana Hattasin, Sayam Kaewvichit, Wirat Niwatananun, and Chidchanok Ruengorn

9. Optimization of glucose production from corncob by microwave-assisted alkali pretreatment and acid hydrolysis
Sininart Chongkhong and Chakrit Tongurai

10. Batch adsorption and isothermic studies of malachite green dye adsorption using leucaena leucocephala biomass as potential adsorbent in water treatment
Yen Chen Lee, Mohd Hazim Mohamad Amini, Nurul Syuhada Sulaiman, Mohamed Mazlan, and Jia Geng Boon

11. Willingness to pay for biological diversity conservation of the lower mekong river basin in thailand: a contingent valuation study
Saksri Rakthai

12. Numerical investigation of sustainable groundwater yields for the wiang pa pao aquifer system in northern thailand
Phatcharasak Arlai, Manfred Koch, and Arun Lukjan

13. Risk of rear occupant injuries under seat configuration in extended cab pickup truck: actual left offset-frontal collision in thailand
Saiprasit Koetniyom, Krittapat Makarabhirom, and Julalak Carmai

14. Khatri-rao sums for hilbert space operators
Arnon Ploymukda and Pattrawut Chansangiam

15. A drowsiness detection method based on displacement and gradient vectors
Sorn Sooksatra, Toshiaki Kondo, Pished Bunnun, and Astuo Yoshitaka

16. Genetic diversity, genetic variability, and path analysis for yield and its components in indigenous upland rice (oryza sativa l. var. glutinosa)
Suwansa Chuchert, Charassri Nualsri, Nattapon Junsawang, and Watcharin Soonsuwon

17. Phylogenetic relationships of kaempferia plants based on inter-simple sequence repeat fingerprints
Orawan Theanphong, Thaya Jenjittikul, Withawat Mingvanish, and Kanchana Rungsihirunrat

18. Experimental and numerical study of the solidification process in saturated porous media: influence of the solid particle, types and freezing temperature
Wirasak Khongkaew, Chayanon Serttikul, and Phadungsak Rattanadecho

19. Fuzzy directed divergence measure and its application to decision making
Priti Gupta, Hari Darshan Arora, Pratiksha Tiwari, and Prince Goyel

20. Species identification of economic bamboos in the genus dendrocalamus using scar and multiplex pcr
Achariya Rangsiruji, Sutheewan Binchai, and Onanong Pringsulaka

21. Alternative energy under the royal initiative of his majesty the king: ethanol from nipa sap using isolated yeast
Sininart Chongkhong and Sirinun Puangpee

22. Photocatalytic antibacterial performance of pvp-doped sno2/tio2 thin films coated on glass fibers
Peerawas Kongsong, Lek Sikong, Mahamasuhaimi Masae, Witawat Singsang, Sutham Niyomwas, and Vishnu Rachpech

23. Quercetin improves survival rate of cisplatin-induced acute nephrotoxicity: a renal clearance and histopathological study
Paradorn Muangnil, Nawiya Huipao, Pornpimol Kirirat, and Siriphun Hiranyachattada

24. Using probabilistic neural network to analyze the binary stars schulte 3, ey cep, hd 101131, and haro 1-14c
Ali Pirkhedri and Kamal Ghaderi

25. Cryopreservation of cymbidium finlaysonianum lindl. by encapsulation-dehydration method
Wiphusinee Worrachottiyanon and Sumontip Bunnag

26. Improved methods for the analysis of circadian rhythms in correlated gene expression data
Wannapa Pukdee, Orathai Polsen, and M. Fazil Baksh

27. Assessing the impact of climate change on the distribution of endemic subalpine and alpine plants of new guinea
Iyan Robiansyah

28. Supramaximal vs functional high-intensity interval training effects on macrovascular reactivity in young male athletes
Witid Mitranun

29. Pollination ecology of rhynchosia beddomei baker (fabaceae), an endemic medicinal shrub in the southern eastern ghats, andhra pradesh, india
Jacob Solomon Raju Aluri and Venkata Ramana Kunuku

30. Potential of butterfly pea (clitoria ternatea) and yam bean (pachyrhizus erosus) plants for phytoremediation of anthracene- and pyrene-contaminated soil
Khanitta Somtrakoon, Waraporn Chouychai, and Hung Lee